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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Anubis Windows Malware Steals Cryptocurrency

Anubis Windows 10 Malware

Recently, Microsoft's Security Intelligence team revealed they discovered a new Windows threat being sold between underground cybercriminal groups. This new threat has been dubbed "Anubis", and although it doesn't necessarily damage infected systems, it can mean bad news for your cryptocurrency finances. Here is a tweet Microsoft sent on August 26:

Microsoft Security Intelligence Anubis Report

According to Microsoft, Anubis has been observed scanning infected devices for cryptocurrency wallet keys and other financial information such as credit card numbers in files meant for safekeeping. It can then send this sensitive data across a server directly to its creators.

Prevention: To prevent financial losses due to the Anubis malware, be sure to use secure cryptocurrency wallets and don't store your keys in plaintext. To be extra cautious, you can protect keys using a file encryption app like this one.

Anubis is currently only being spread to a "handful" of targets and Windows Security is already capable of detecting this malware. However, this might change if its developers upscale their attack with newer versions across more domains. We will monitor the spread of Anubis and update this post if significant change does occur, so be sure to subscribe.

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