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Monday, August 3, 2020

How to Control Any Windows Computer on Your Network - The RemoteLance Tutorial

Whether you're a business administrator or an individual seeking more control over their home network, being able to access and operate your computers remotely can make a huge difference when it comes to productivity. In this guide, you will learn how to access any remote Windows computer on your network. Setup takes seconds and remote connections will be persistent.

Riserbo RemoteLance Console Logo

Begin by downloading the RemoteLance console app from our website. For a full guide on using this software, check out our How-To video here:

After you've installed RemoteLance, open the RemoteLance-Server program on every computer you would like to access remotely. The server will run in the background and can be terminated through a client program. After opening the server file on your remote computers, start the client program on a PC you wish to use as a controller for the others. When first opened, the client application will prompt you for a product key. You can find this product key in your email after downloading RemoteLance. Copy and paste the key into the prompt and press enter to activate the program.

Once activated, you may connect to any computer on your network running the RemoteLance server. Just type it's local IP address (preferably IPv4) and you should form a connection within seconds. Type 'help' after connecting to get a list of commands.

Windows RemoteLance Console Help Command
To make a connection with any remote computer persistent type 'startup'. This will copy the server program to the remote user's startup location so that it will execute every time the computer is started.

Windows RemoteLance Console Persistent Command
To remotely encrypt files or directories type 'encrypt'. This will send a series of prompts asking you for custom information so you can safely encrypt particular files. Decryption is as simple as using the 'decrypt' command which sends a similar panel of prompts.

Windows RemoteLance Console Encryption Command
To permanently kill a running server on a remote computer (until the server program is re-opened), connect to that computer and use the 'terminate' or 'kill' command.

Windows RemoteLance Console Terminate Command
To explore the many other RemoteLance commands and how they work, check out our info page here. Alternatively, you can also purchase a copy of this software directly from our store.

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