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Friday, July 3, 2020

Opticole - The Ultimate Privacy/Cybersecurity Toolkit for Windows - Overview

Opticole LogoOpticole is our brand new privacy/cybersecurity toolkit for Windows. Originally designed to protect users against Microsoft's privacy issues, it now includes a wide array of general-use cybersecurity features. Opticole can help defend against malicious payloads, remote access tools, and public network hackers. On top of that, it's lightweight and runs entirely off a single executable file.
Riserbo Opticole Screenshot

How it Works:
Opticole's privacy-protecting aspect can be demonstrated through its "Stealth-Mode" function. Stealth-Mode can be activated with the click of a single button. While enabled, Stealth-Mode allows Opticole to search through Windows privacy preferences and automatically set registry keys to increase your privacy. It also temporarily disables Cortana and other privacy-encroaching applications. Extra privacy can be attained with our file encryption tool which will encrypt any file or directory (Note: this feature shouldn't be used for critical files).

The port scanner available through Opticole is another great feature which will help you stay protected against malicious payloads or remote access tools. When clicked it will cross-reference active ports on your computer with ports known to forward dangerous processes. This "danger" port list is regularly updated. As soon as anything suspicious is found, Opticole will notify you by opening an HTML file displaying what it has discovered. Kill processes using suspicious ports by entering their port number in a textbox and pressing "Close Port".

Need a faster computer? Don't buy a new one, try Opticole's simple performance booster first. It's quick and edits graphics settings to enhance performance in the long-term. Along with all of these powerful tools, Opticole also implements a new exploit-evading technology known as IP hopping. This tactic allows a user to "hop" between local IP locations on most networks. In short, any hacker or threat on the network will have difficulty tracking your computer while it switches its IP address.

Opticole was released in May, and there are certainly more updates on the way. There is both a free version and a pro version currently available on our website here: Opticole


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