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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Guide to IP Hopping on Windows 10 - The Cybersecurity Tactic That Never Fails

When it comes to maintaining cyber security on public networks, most Windows users tend to forget the fact that they are usually vulnerable. There are almost always new exploits hackers can use to force their way into your system. Although this doesn't always happen often, it's better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, when it comes to staying safe, antivirus programs can have flaws, and there is not a single app that is 100% secure. That being said, there are ways you can take advantage of network topology to ensure a safer public network experience. One of these ways is by switching across different local IP locations in a practice we call "IP hopping."
IP Hopping Graphic
IP hopping uses the structure of a network to prevent hackers and malicious programs from infiltrating your computer. By constantly switching to a new IP address, you become a very annoying target and much more difficult to track. On top of that, if a script is being installed onto your computer through a backdoor and you switch to a new address, it will have to follow you to your new network location in order to complete its operation. All in all, IP hopping is a very effective anti-hacking method that won't expire because it's based on an unchanging network topology.

Windows 10 Netstat View

So how can you perform this method on your own? Doing random IP jumps on your own is quite difficult without the use of third-party software, since you will have to rely on either Microsoft's automatic IP assigning algorithm or your own network scans to account for static locations that are taken or won't connect to the internet. Neither of these strategies are random and they won't be perfect when tested in the field. Fortunately, we have designed our own solution and implemented it in our cybersecurity toolkit Opticole. This software will allow you to make completely random hops on almost any network with a high success rate. Using its IP hopping feature is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Here is a video on making local IP jumps using Opticole:

Whether you decide to use this method or not, it will always be a much cheaper option than running antivirus which is also far more intrusive. Although antivirus is very important on its own, in the networking world, there are some rules every computer must follow. IP hopping takes advantage of these rules and allows you to avoid malicious encounters at a very low cost.


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